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Tinkerer of the Intangible

June 23rd, 2010
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You know, I’ve had a fun and interesting career thus far. I’ve worked for some great companies and for some duds, but regardless of who I’ve worked for and what I did for them, I’ve always managed to learn a lot. Not just about my work, or the industry, but about the people, the processes, the organization, the obscure or the obvious political structure or agendas, what works and what doesn’t, what motivates and what suffocates, what incubates change and what stifles it. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to recognize in myself that the most fascinating aspects of my past work experience, the most frustrating, the thoughts that keep me up at night, usually have little or nothing to do with my work assignments or specific profession. They are usually about the people, the organizational behavior or the dynamics of a thriving or failing company. There is something in me that is always acutely aware of the dynamic environment that surrounds me.

I’m a tinkerer. I mean, I have friends and associates that tinker with cars, appliances and other devices and they do amazing things. My brother’s talent with bodywork and vehicle enhancements makes Orange County Chopper look like child’s play. While I am also very mechanically adept, and also like to make or work on things of various natures, more than anything else, I’m a tinkerer of the intangible. It’s the things that escape vision or the grasp of the hand that become my mental playground.

What keeps you up at night?


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