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Maximum Up-Time

May 2nd, 2008
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All the skill and innovation in the world doesn’t matter if you fall asleep on your keyboard. Having that extra edge is crucial. A long time ago, I used to try various herbal pick-me-up pills, usually found at gas stations. What I found was that they would drive me crazy. Too much energy, not enough focus, or I’d be wired and fidgety, but couldn’t keep my eyes open. None of them seemed to work well. I needed something that wouldn’t give me sugar highs, then drop me like a rock. I’m also not a coffee drinker.

Finally, I came across these great little pills at a gas station, called “UP-Time”. The ingredients looked a lot more balanced (not too much of any one thing) and they didn’t have anything that would jolt my system into convulsions. I tried them and they worked wonderful! I’ve been using them (as needed) every since.

The recommended dosage is 1 pill for every 50 lbs., however, I found the packet of 3 to do just the trick if I took them in the morning around breakfast. If I take them too late in the day I have a hard time going tosleep. It’s great now, because I can stay up till all hours of the night, and after I take them the next morning, it doesn’t even feel like I only got two hours of sleep. If I want to take them before staying up late, I take them after dinner instead. The website for the product line is: I use the blue packets or bottle. You may even be able to find them at your local gas station.

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